Luxury Irish Day Tours - Fire & Water Tour of Ireland's Ancient East

Tour Operator: Irish Chauffeurs

What can I expect

  • Guided Day Tour from Dublin
  • Private Transport in Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Boat Tour on the River Boyne
  • Blacksmith's Forge with live demonstration
  • 'An Gobha' immersive experience of metal forging
  • Small group tour - Maximum 8 people
  • *Minimum 2 people is required per booking

Fire & Water Tour of Ireland's Ancient East

On this magical day tour you'll explore Ireland's Ancient East and the River Boyne, a much loved part of the Irish landscape which is steeped in mythology and history.

This experience offers authenticity and a real delight for all the senses. The Fire and Water tour tries to create a profound connection with the ancient heritage of the Boyne Valley, allowing participants to engage physically, mentally, and emotionally.


River Boyne Boat Tour

Embark on a tranquil expedition as you paddle along the picturesque Boyne River, tracing the ancient path of Ireland's Stone Age inhabitants.


Submerge yourself in the natural beauty of this landscape while Ross Kenny, a renowned local boat-builder and storyteller, shares enchanting tales that are woven into this magical part of Ireland.


Immerse all your senses in the ambient sounds and sights of nature, from the indigenous trees and wild flora, to the diverse birdlife and wildlife that are ever present. To add an extra touch of theatricality, period costumes are provided to help you really experience the life of our ancestors.


'An Gobha'


Later in the day, you'll be guided you to 'An Gobha,' an engaging encounter with the art of traditional Iron Age metal forging, skillfully demonstrated by Tom King, a local blacksmith.


This immersive experience combines theatrical elements, captivating stories, ancient myths, historical insights, and a touch of good-natured Irish banter known as 'craic'.


 Specializing in reproducing early Celtic Ironworks, Tom King is dedicated to preserving the ancient craft of metal forging.


Throughout history, blacksmiths held a somewhat mythical status in Ireland, believed to possess the ability to cast curses using an anvil and even cure the sick. Tom's repertoire of fascinating stories adds an extra layer of intrigue to this unique experience.


Highlights Include:

  • Ross Kenny - a boat builder and storyteller who knows every part of the Boyne Riverway
  • Learn about Boat building - boats were traditionally all hand crafted
  • Discover the Boyne River - full of scenic beauty with vast biodiversity
  • Explore the Great Outdoors - complete connection with nature and retracting routes of Stone Age ancestors
  • Boyne Valley Food - Lunch at some of the region's best cafés and restaurants feauturing local cheeses and charcuterie
  • Game of Thrones fans - insights shared by Ross who featured in the series with the boats. Paddle on the very same boats that were used in Game of Thrones
  • Demonstration by Tom Smith 'An Gobha' at his blacksmith forge - authentic and entertaining storytelling from a master craftsman
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