Boyne Valley Celtic Day Tour

Tour Type: Day Tour Tour Operator: EI Tours - Irish Day Tours Tour Duration: 10 Hours (Approx)

What can I expect

  • Learn of ancient Irelands History, Mythology and Royalty
  • Visit the Royal County, home of the High Kings of Ireland
  • Visit Stone Age Tombs and Medieval Castles
  • See some of Ireland's most beautiful landscapes
  • Only a short distance from Dublin!



Discover Ireland’s Ancient East


Taking the term ’Rich in History’ to a new level, this day tour introduces you to the most significant sites in Celtic history and takes you right into the heart of County Meath, the county where the High Kings of Ireland ruled the country and people over the centuries.

On an exciting and informative day, your tour will be full of tales of history, mythology, and royalty. Striking the perfect balance between educating, storytelling, and entertainment, your guides will take you into the depths of Celtic history and allows you to explore some of the world’s most historically significant sites, along with the stunning landscapes that surround them

Hill of Tara

Probably the most sacred site of Ancient Ireland, the Hill of Tara in the Boyne Valley was the centre of the country in a sense as the High Kings ruled Ireland from this very site. From the hill, enjoy the lovely view of the surrounding Meath countryside. It is said that a quarter of Ireland’s countryside is visible from this hill.

Trim Castle

Passing through the stunning Irish countryside and picturesque landscapes, we arrive in Trim to visit the impressive and well-preserved Anglo-Norman castle. Trim Castle is the largest castle of its type in Ireland. With a castle so well preserved and with such stunning grounds, Hollywood would be hard-pressed to find something better! You will have time to explore the sprawling castle and grounds. This is a fantastic photo opportunity. Your guide will give you information in relation to the history of this fascinating castle and the surrounding area.

Loughcrew Passage Tombs

Perhaps not as well known as some other neolithic site, though no less significant, Loughcrew is a cluster of Megalithic Cairns, dating back to 3000 BC. The hills and Tombs are collectively known as Slieve na Galliagh and are the highest point in Co. Meath, affording spectacular views. Sit in the Hags chair and hear fantastic historical and mythical legends surrounding this area. It is a truly impressive site and a unique experience.

Fore Abbey

Visitors can view the site where St. Fechin founded a Christian monastery in the 7th Century. It’s believed that before his death, 300 monks lived in the community. Later, the monastery was set on fire 12 times. Among the remains on site, visitors can see St. Fechin’s church, built about 900 AD.


08:00am: Depart Dublin (the Molly Malone statue)

08:40 AM: Hill of Tara

10:20 AM: Trim Castle

12:20 AM: Loughcrew Passage Tomb

3:00 PM: Fore Abbey

6:15 PM: Arrive back in Dublin

All times are approximage, and subject to traffic conditions.


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